La Promesse International Foundation currently has numerous projects in several countries, helping to improve basic needs for children such as education, medical care, potable water, sanitation and help lay the foundation for a stronger community through the Gospel of Christ.

With your donation, we can help the people improve their life situations.

current projects


Benjamin Community Center

Funding required to build a modern cistern to provide fresh water for an entire community in Haiti.


In Haiti, 69 children out of every 1,000 born alive still die before their fifth birthday. And many of those deaths are from diseases that are preventable by vaccination. Other factors have impacted the survival rate such as socio-economics and lack of maternal literacy and knowledge. 

Still, the country has one of the lowest immunization rates — 58 percent — in the hemisphere.

Thousands of people have died from cholera and other diseases due to contaminated water.

We, at La Promesse Foundation, are raising a total of  $69,500 to build a modern cistern to provide fresh water for an entire community in the commune of Terre-Neuve(Haitian Creole: Tènèvin the Gros-Morne arrondissement, in the Artibonite Department of Haiti. It has 17,045 inhabitants.

We will provide health care education and programs such as vaccinations to children and young adults. Our goal is to build a community center to deliver healthcare programs and education. The community center will also serve as a center for basic education to children and adults and to deliver food and clothing as well.



In addition to inspire change in participants to help them improve their life situations, our work has also helped challenge public perceptions of homelessness and the issues that surround it. By showing the human side of homelessness, we aim to promote a more compassionate approach to helping those affected by it.