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La Promesse International Foundation

Mission Statement

To inspire spiritual hope and breakthroughs for challenged churches in communities living in hunger and poverty, in the Third World Countries. To improve basic needs for children such as education, medical care, potable water, sanitation and help lay the foundation for a stronger community through the Gospel of Christ.


  • Help improve Church conditions to better serve their communities.
  • Basic education for children and adults.
  • Health care education and screening programs such as vaccinations to improve quality of life.
  • Help improve living conditions with clean water, housing, clothing.


Alan Danastor


Alan Danastor

I grew up in a Christ-Centered family and came to know Christ at an early age, I was fortunate to have an abundance of Christian influences and to be on the mission field with my mother. I have been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years and God has called me into ministry and to serve as a missionary.  My goal is to reach communities around the world to help support feeding and teaching others with the good news, so that they will become messengers of Jesus Christ.


I witnessed the power of Christ through either physical or spiritual healing. I attended several missions of Christ with my late mother. Seeing her work and her passion to serve God, at that time, inspired me to become and remain a Christian. I was fortunate to have the right influence that allows me to grow spiritually and to help others. My inspiration to give back and pursue what my mother had taught me led me to work with Food for the Poor. Through that partnership, we were able to build free housings and provide potable water for the community of Lahatte, Haiti.


As the President of La Promesse International Foundation, our vision is to plant Christ centered communities to help with hunger, education and medical screenings for the less privileged. Our work will also support churches improvement to better teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gabriel Danastor

Gabriel Danastor
Vice President

Growing up in Haiti, I have witnessed the impact of hunger and lack of basic necessities on families. I have seen the less privileged children suffered due to lack of medical care, education or mal nutrition. I have also seen the importance of churches in a community that keep families together and inspire hope. At an early age, I attended several missions of Christ with my mother to deliver the word of God, donating clothing and food to the less fortunate.


While in the States, I have joined forces with Food For The Poor to built houses, provide potable water and built recreation parks for families in Haiti. The project was a success, where more than 50 families have a new home, clean water and a park for their kids to play.


I hold a degree in Accounting with over 20 years in retail operations and as an entrepreneur.


As Vice President of La Promesse International Foundation I want to continue to support and provide, as a family tradition, for the ones in need in Haiti and other parts of the third world countries. My passion of serving others never waivered and has always given my life a meaningful purpose.  It gives me great pleasure to be part of La Promesse International Foundation to continue my passion of serving and helping others as well as helping church thrives.


In addition to inspire change in participants to help them improve their life situations, our work has also helped challenge public perceptions of homelessness and the issues that surround it. By showing the human side of homelessness, we aim to promote a more compassionate approach to helping those affected by it.